Taxation counsel and optimization

We prevent and resolve our Clients’ taxation-related problems

Taxation related matters are continually a part of the business activity of entrepreneurs; hence, incorrect handling of business transactions may lead to excessive taxation-related expenses. Thus, our task is to prevent and solve our Clients’ taxation-related problems.

The Chudzik i Wspólnicy Law Firm’s ensures complex service both to entrepreneurs and individuals not operating a business, handling tasks related to taxation counselling.

Taxation law and optimization
  • international offshore structure
  • changing the legal status of a business (transformation and restructuring)
  • choosing the best form and mode of handling business transactions
Representation in tax-related matters before
  • tax authorities, customs authorities and internal revenue offices;
  • administrative courts of all instances (WSA and NSA)
Ongoing taxation advice
  • legal/tax opinionss
  • legal/tax advice
  • obtaining beneficial taxation law interpretations for our Clients
  • analyzing transactions in terms of the risk they carry with regard to applied transfer prices
  • preparing transfer price documentations
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