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Chudzik & Partners is a modern law firm with its office in Łódź providing legal service across the country of Poland.

Partnerzy kancelarii

Our values

Professionalism and trust

Legal security along with maximum business, financial and tax advantages.

Our mission

We build partners’ relationships with our Clients.

The Firm’s goal is to ensure complex legal service tailored to our Clients’ needs.


We provide our Clients with accurate, up-to-date legal service.

We strive to constantly improve our qualifications by participating in trainings, seminars and industry conferences.

We effectively care over the interests of our Clients at every step of every case entrusted to us.


We build foundations for long-term cooperation, guaranteeing full confidentiality to our Clients.

The Firm’s employees are required, under the relevant act, to keep all information that they learn about in the course of providing their services confidential.

The employees may not be relieved of their duty to in secrecy those facts of which they learned while providing legal counsel or handling a case.


We treat obstacles as challenges. We fully engage in all cases entrusted to us at their every step. We strive to constantly deepen our knowledge, always staying ahead of to-be-introduced legislation.
We build partners’ relationships with our Clients; we search for optimum solutions so as to ensure legal security along with the greatest possible business/financial benefits to our Clients.


The highly-specialized, flexible and professional service provided by the Chudzik i Wspólnicy Law Firm gives us an edge over chain law firms, allowing us to make our services better suited to the needs and expectations of our Clients.

Partnerzy Kancelarii

CHUDZIK i WSPÓLNICY Prawo i Podatki sp. k.

ul. A. Zelwerowicza 41 lok. 2, 90‑147 Łódź
email:, tel. +48 42 680 23 33
KRS: 1044829, NIP: 7252044673, REGON: 101079331